Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Gluten Free Pizza Margherita

Pizza Margherita is to many the true Italian flag.
Gluten Free Pizza Margherita  is simple to make and taste wonderful. I used Fresh Basil from my Garden.

Gluten Free Pizza Margherita

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Gluten Free Pizza Margherita:
Pizza Dough ~ Gluten Free
1 Pkg. (16 oz) Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Pizza Crust ~ Whole Grain Mix
1 ½ cups Warm Water 110*
2 Eggs
2 TBLS. Olive Oil
Yeast Packet (Enclosed)

Pre-heat oven to 425*. I use a pizza stone, heat that in the oven for 30 minutes
Using a KitchenAid Mixer with a Paddle.
In the large bowl of the Mixer combine water and yeast.  Add 1 tsp Sugar. Stir/whisk to dissolve. Let sit for a 5 minutes.
Mix 2 eggs (Room Temperature)  and the Olive oil ~ Add to the water  ~ Yeast mixture.
Blend briefly with the Paddle of the KitchenAid Mixer.
Add the Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix using the paddle and blend about a minute. Scrape the bowl. Leaving dough in the bowl, split the dough in half. Using warm water on your hands will make it easier to manage the dough. Cover with Plastic wrap and a towel. Rise for 20 minutes.
Grease 2 Pizza pans. My pans are 12”. Using wet hands, spread out the dough to cover the full pizza pans,, making an edge/crust.
Bake on the pizza pans without toppings for 10 Minutes.
Remove from oven.

Lightly brush the par-cooked dough with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Shred on Parmigino Reggiano Cheese to taste.

Top with Pizza Sauce, Homemade or Jar. Do not put lots of sauce on this pizza.

For 2 Pizzas I needed:
2 Large Tomatoes
1 Packaged of Fresh Mozzarella Sliced
Fresh Basil

Place Tomatoes over the sauce single layer with a space between then. Add a whole Basil leaf in between the Tomatoes, top with the Sliced Mozzarella, I torn each piece in half. Drizzle the pizza lightly with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

I like to use a pizza stone,, I do not have a pizza paddle. I gently slid the pizza crust onto a rimless cookie sheet that was sprinkled with Cornmeal then carefully slid it onto the pizza stone. Be careful not to burn yourself. When the Pizza is done..take a spatula and carefully lift up the edge of the Pizza and slid back onto the cookie sheet. I only have one Pizza Stone so I cooked one at a time, Continue with the second crust. To avoid getting a soggy crust..after I sliced the Pizza,, I cool them on wire wracks.

Bake at 425*
For 25 Minutes or until done.
After they were baked I placed 4 Basil leaves in the center of the Pizza to look like a flower.



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