Friday, September 25, 2015

Golden Flax Crusted Chicken with Swiss Cheese and Bacon ~ Gluten Free and Low Carb

Golden Flax Crusted Chicken with Swiss Cheese and Bacon ~ Gluten Free and Low Carb

5 pieces of Boneless Skinless Breast of Chicken
Clean off any excess skin. Place in a baggy, use a Meat Mallet and pound out evenly.
Dry with a paper towel.

In a large bowl mix together
1-1/2 Cups Golden Flaxseed Meal (I used Bob's Red Mill)
½ Cup Parmesan Cheese
Spice to taste
Garlic and Onion Powder
Salt and Pepper
Smoked Paprika

In another Bowl whisk 2-3 Eggs with a fork

Heat up a Skillet to Medium High add 1/4” Vegetable Oil

Dip the Chicken in the Eggs
Press into the Flax Mixture, pressing it on well so it sticks

I cooked 2 piece of Chicken at once, do not over crowd the pan
Cook 2-3 minutes per side and turn cooking another 2-3 minutes or until Golden Brown
Remove and place on a wire rack. I changed the oil in between each batch of Chicken. Continue
with the remaining Chicken.

Spray a cookie sheet with Cooking Spray
Place the Chicken on the cookie sheet
Top each piece of Chicken with Shredded Swiss Cheese About 8 oz.
Place in a preheated 400* Oven. Cook for 20 Minutes
Top with some more Cheese (as much as you would like) and bake until done. I used a digital thermometer inserted in side ways, when it reaches 165* the Chicken is done. My Chicken took 25 minutes, keep an eye on it so it doesn't get dry.

While the Chicken is Cooking. Cook up 1# Bacon. Drain on a paper towel. Pour the Bacon Fat into a Glass Measuring cup and save.

Clean out the Pan, add back a little of the Bacon Fat, add your Zoodles and cook 3-4 Minutes.
Link on how to make Zoodles:

Serve the Chicken with the Bacon on top and Zoodles on the side.


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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

How to Spiralize Carrots ~ I used Orange, Yellow and Purple Carrots

I was so excited to find large Carrots in 3 colors at the Farm stand. You need to use large Carrots with the Spiralizer.

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How to Spiralize Carrots:

Follow the directions of your Spiralizer on how to set up the machine.
Wash and Peel your Carrots.
I was so happy when I found large Orange, Yellow and Purple Carrots at the Farm stand. Cut the Carrots in half.
I used the Angel Hair Blade to spiralize the carrots. You need to use a little forward pressure to help get the Carrots through.

You can eat them raw, adding to salads and use in a coleslaw. Or
Oven Roast, Steam or Boil them.

I sauteed mine in a large skillet with just a little water. I tossed them around until they were done. They took about 6 minutes. You may have to add just a little bit more water if they start to stick. If you used the larger blade you may have to cover the pan for a minute or so to help soften them. You do not want them mushy.
When the carrots were done I added some butter and salt.

I served my Carrots with a Roasted Pork Loin and Cauliflower Fried Rice.


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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Cauliflower Steak

My Son showed me a photo of Cauliflower Steak, I couldn't wait to try it. It is such an amazing side dish.

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Cauliflower Steaks

1 head of Cauliflower
I used a medium size one
Remove the leaves
Cut the stem even but not into the florets and leaving the core on.
Using a sharp knife cut the Cauliflower in Half
Cut a slice down the edge of the Cauliflower florets so that you have 2 flat sides

Save the extra Florets for Cauliflower Rice, Salads, Roasting etc..

I attempted to make this 2 times previous trying to get 3-4 steaks and each time the florets fell off.
I have seen videos where people get anywhere between 2-5 Steaks. I also wanted mine thicker and they did not fall apart.

Brush one side of the Cauliflower with EVOO
Season to your taste with:
Salt and Pepper
Garlic Powder
Smoked Paprika

Heat a Grill pan to medium temperature
Brush with EVOO
Place the two Cauliflower Steaks seasoned side down
Brush the other side with EVOO and sprinkle on more Seasonings

Cook for about 3 Minutes or until golden brown and some grill marks.
Turn over and continue to cook for another 3 minutes

Spray a Cookie Sheet with Cooking Spray
Place the Cauliflower Steaks on the Pan

Place into a Preheated 425* oven
Bake 10 Minutes
Remove pan from the oven
Brush the Cauliflower Steaks with any sauce of your choice
I used Sriracha Sauce for my Husband which is Low Carb
For mine I used Trader Joes Sriracha Roasted Garlic BBQ Sauce which is not low Carb

Cook for 10 minutes more
If they are still firm cover with tin foil tented and place back in the oven.

Mine took just a total of  27-30 minutes to be done.
Depending on the size you cut the Cauliflower will determine how long they need to roast.
Sprinkle with some Parsley and serve.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Citrus Chicken ~ Drumsticks and Thighs

Hi everyone,

Are you looking for a delicious easy to make Citrus Chicken recipe please check out my recipe.

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Citrus Chicken ~ Drumsticks and Thighs

Use as much Chicken Drumsticks and Thighs for your Family
Remove any excess Chicken Skin. I used 10 pieces. Use a paper towel to dry the Chicken.

1 Large Red Onion
Wash and slice the Citrus
1-2 Oranges
1-2 Lemons (removing seeds)
1-2 Limes

Spray 1-2 glass pans with Cooking Spray
Layer the Onion and Citrus pieces across the bottom of the glass pans.

Top with the Chicken. Salt and Pepper each piece.

Mix in a glass measuring cup:
½ Cup Vegetable Oil
4 TBL. Mrs Dash Salt Free Caribbean Citrus Seasoning Blend
1 TBL. Minced Garlic

Brush half the Spice mixture on the Chicken
Bake in a preheated  425* oven for 30 Minutes (I said 400* in the video by accident)
Brush with the remaining Spice Mixture on the Chicken and place back in the oven
Continuing bake 20-30 minutes or until. Internal Temperature 165*

I served the Chicken with
Cauliflower Rice
Sugar Snap Pea


Link for Cauliflower Rice:

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Gluten Free Devil's Food Cupcakes ~ Baking with Ricky

This was the first time I made the Betty Crocker Devil's Food Gluten Free Cake Mix. 15 OZ. Box.
My 5 year old Grandson Ricky helped me to bake the Cupcakes. He loves to bake.
These cupcakes are simple to make and have a great Chocolate taste and are moist.

I got 12 Cupcakes and 1 miniature loaf  Ramekin or you could have gotten 14 cupcakes.

I bought this mix at Walmart for $4.18

I always like to have a quick mix available for when my Grandson comes over. I will be buying this mix again.

The recipe is on the back of the box:

Heat oven to 350* for a shiny metal pan or 325* for dark or nonstick pan. Grease bottom only of the cake pan or use cupcake liners for muffins.

Beat in a Mixer:
Cake Mix
1 Cup Water
1 Stick Butter, softened
3 Eggs
Mix on low for 30 Seconds, then on medium speed 2 minutes. Scraping the bowl occasionally. Pour into Pan.

Bake until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean. Cool completely before frosting.

12-14 Cupcakes 18-23 Minutes
8X8 pan 44-49 Minutes
9X9 pan 38-43 Minutes
8" or 9" round pan 43-48 Minutes

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