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Brazilian Cheese Bread ~ Buns with Bacon ~ Version 2 ~ Gluten Free

Brazilian Cheese Bread ~ Buns with Bacon ~ Version 2

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Brazilian Cheese and Bacon Buns ~ Version 2:
These are not shaped into normal Brazilian Cheese Buns. I like to experiment with Recipes and was happy these came out great.

I wanted to make the Brazilian Buns larger so I could use them for Sandwiches. They also made great Hamburger Buns.  The Bacon was a great addition. They are thin but held together beautifully and tasted so good.
These tasty Buns are Soft, Creamy on the inside with an almost moist texture. The outside is a bit chewy/crispy. It's best to eat these buns while they are warm. I do not recommend reheating them in the microwave. Either re-heat in your regular or toaster oven. I sliced the Buns in half and toasted them in my toaster oven. If you don't want them toasted you can warm them up for a minute or two in your Toaster/Toaster Oven.

In a small sauce pan add:
1 Cup Milk
1 stick of Butter (½ Cup)
Bring to a boil. Remove from the heat.

In a stand mixer add and mix together with the paddle:
10.5 oz Bob's Red Mill Tapioca Starch ~ AKA: Tapioca Flour (***SEE FOOT NOTES***)
1 tsp. Salt

Slowly add the Milk/Butter mixture to the Tapioca Flour,, start with the mixer on low speed,, scrape the bowl; then turn up to medium high for about 30 seconds.

Add any cheese of your choice: I used:
Total of 1 ½ cups of Cheese (1 cup Fiesta and ½ cup Fresh Shredded Parmesan)
The Fiesta Blend has shredded:
Montery Jack, Cheddar, Queso Quesadilla and Asadero Cheese
Mix until blended.

Let the dough cool off for about 10 minutes. (this is important because you will be adding eggs,, you do not want the eggs to cook in the dough)

Slowly add:
2 Eggs, Beaten
Mix until smooth.

Add 10-12  pieces of cooked Crumbled Bacon to the dough and mix for a couple of seconds


There are so many recipes for Brazilian Cheese Buns. I have experimented with many different recipes. Some are a very thin batter others a very thick batter.
I realize that not everyone has a Baking Scale. Many recipes call for 2 Cups of Tapioca Flour,,, due to Tapioca Flour being so light,, it's hard to get an accurate measurement. After reading many helpful hints,,, I found that measuring the Tapioca Flour on a scale to be very helpful. If you don't have a scale, here is my conversation. This is what 10.5 oz of Tapioca Flour will be.
2 Cups plus 1/3 Cup  plus 1 TBL Tapioca Flour (If you add a bit more its not going to make a big difference) 

Tidbits: Sometimes I add extra Tapioca Flour/Starch after adding the eggs,, a lot depends on the Humidity in the air,,, if the batter is to thin,, add a little bit of extra Tapioca Flour/Starch and mix in thoroughly. I will scoop out one and if it runs together,,, I will add more Tapioca Flour/Starch,,, only a little bit at a time.

To cook your Brazilian Cheese Buns: Again there are many methods.
I cooked mine on a Silpat Lined Cookie sheet using a Extra Large Ice Cream Scoop. Tapioca Flour is very sticky/elasticity, if you find it sticking to the scoop,,, dip the scoop in warm water.
Makes 9 Large Buns

You can also cook them in Mini or Regular Muffin tins. Cooking them in the Muffin tins resulted in a more Puffed up Traditional Brazilian Bun... cooking them on the Silpat liner they were not as puffy,,, but this method worked for me. I was able to slice them and toast them for Sandwich's and Burgers. My Husband enjoyed having one the next morning,, slicing it, then toasting it and filling with an Cooked egg, slice of ham and cheese.

Before I baked my Brazilian Buns, I sprinkled a little bit of cheese on each bun.

I cooked my Buns in a preheated 375* oven for 20 Minutes. Rotating the pans ½ through baking.
Remove from the cookie sheets and cool on a wire rack.

You can also add any herbs of your choice to the Tapioca Flour Mixture.

You can  freeze these buns in a zip-lock bag placed in a container after they have cooled off.
Again re-heating before you serve them.


Tapioca Flour/Starch:

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