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Cinnamon Raisin Gluten Free Bagels

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Cinnamon Raisin Gluten Free Bagels

1 Pkg: (1 lb. 6 oz) Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Cinnamon Raisin Bread Mix

Remove the yeast Packet

Dissolve the Yeast in:
1-1/2 Cups warm water -- 105*
Let stand for 5 minutes

Have all the ingredients at room temperature

Place the dry ingredients in a Kitchenaid bowl

1 Pkg: (1 lb. 6 oz) Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Cinnamon Raisin Bread Mix
¾ Cup Sweet White Sorghum Flour
½ tsp. Xanthan Gum
1-1/2 tsp Cinnamon
2-3 TBL Raisins
Mix with a Wire whisk to thoroughly mix all the ingredients
Place the Paddle on the Kitchenaid

Add the wet ingredients:
Yeast/water Mixture
2 eggs
¼ cup Oil
3 Tbls. Honey

Turn on low speed to mix,,scrape down the bowl
Turn on medium speed mix 2 minutes

Turn dough out onto a Silpat baking liner that has been dusted with
Bob's Red Mill Stone Ground White Rice Flour
The dough will be VERY sticky
Use a bowl scraper to help get the dough out of the bowl
Mix in a little bit of the White Rice flour (Just to help keep from sticking to the Mat)
You will need to keep your hands wet the entire time
Do not get discouraged that the dough is very sticky,,
Keeping your hands wet with warm water makes it easier to work with.

I made 11 Bagels. Make whatever size bagels of your choice.

On the Silpat baking liners,, Form the dough into a ball with wet hands then flatten out

Use both thumbs (Wet) to make a hole in the center and stretch out. Make the hole big enough to make room for rising.

Cover with Plastic wrap that has been coated with Cooking Spray and rise 45-60 minutes

Take a large Skillet and fill with water
Bring to a boil
Add 2 tsp. Sugar

Using a metal spatula that has been dipped in oil,,carefully lift one bagel at a time into the boiling water.
I was able to boil 4 Bagels at a time.
Boil for one minute then turn using a slotted spoon.
**Helpful tidbit** when I tried to turn the bagels over the boiling water would splash so I used a chopstick along with the slotted spoon to help me turn them easily.
Boil for one more minute
Using the slotted spoon remove the bagels to a wire wrack to drain

Continue until all the bagels have been boiled.

Wash the silpat baking liners and place on cookie sheets. Sprinkle lightly (Dusting)  with
Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Cornmeal

Place the bagels onto the silpat prepared pans

Take one egg white and mix with a little bit of water
Using a pastry brush,, brush each bagel with the egg wash

Optional: Sprinkle each bagel with some Cinnamon and Sugar

Bake in a 400* for 25-30 minutes.

I turned mine over about 18 minutes into the baking so they didn't get over browned.
I continued baking another 10 minutes. Total 28 minutes.
I use my Digital Thermometer to make sure they were done in the middle. I baked them until they had an internal Temperature of 205*

Remove from the cookie sheets
Cool on a wire wrack

Let cool about 20 minute before trying to slice the bagels!

I sliced all my bagels and froze the leftovers in a Ziplock bag.

When ready to serve.. defrost for a few seconds in the microwave and serve as is or toasted.

If you don't have the Silpat baking liners use Parchment paper when your baking the bagels.


Acu Rite Digital Thermometer:
I used a digital thermometer to check the bread for when its done. Bake until 208*-210* in the center of the bread.
Its also great to check the temperature of the milk and water before adding yeast. Its a helpful gadget. My Digital Thermometer is by Acu Rite.

Silpat Baking Mat: Silpat: The Original Non-Stick Mat

Kitchenaid Mixer:

Canon PowerShot SX230 HS

Corel ~ Videostudio ProX4 Professional Video Editing Software
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