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Homemade Gluten Free Corn Pasta

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Homemade Gluten Free Corn Pasta

I am using Betty Crockers Pasta Fresca Automatic Pasta Machine ~ Model BC-1393
I'm not sure if this model is still available but I have seen numerous other Pasta machines when I searched the internet. If you don't have this model follow the instructions per your Pasta Machine replacing the Wheat Flour with Corn Flour and adding Xanthan Gum.

I have been missing using my Pasta maker since I went Gluten Free 8 weeks ago.
I am not allergic to Gluten so I was not concerned that this machine had been used with wheat flour in the past.

I could not find any recipes for a Gluten Free Pasta using a Pasta Machine.

I decided to experiment on my own and am happy with the results.

The Pasta maker comes with its own  measuring cups. 1 for the dry ingredients and 1 for the liquid ingredients.

Using the dry measuring cup ~  Measure out 2 of their cups of Corn Flour: (This added up to 4 cups total)
Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Corn Flour
and 2 Tsp. Bob's Red Mill Xanthan Gum
Place the Corn Flour and Xanthan Gum in the pasta maker. Put cover on Pasta Maker.
Turn on for a moment to mix the dry ingredients.

Using the liquid measuring cup ~ add 2 Eggs, 1 TBL Olive Oil and enough water to reach the water mark line. Whisk with a fork or small whisk.  (This added up to 1 cup total)

Turn the pasta maker on and slowly add the liquid through the opening in the lid, reserve 1 TBL. Adding the liquid should take about 1 minute. Check the pasta. If its to dry add the remaining 1 TBL of liquid. I found the Corn Flour to be much dried than Wheat Flour so I had to add 1/4-1/2 c. more water. Adding it slowly so you don't add to much. Knead for 3 minutes in the machine.
Check the dough,, it should be like play-dough. Continue to knead for about 2 more minutes.

Turn off the Machine and pull out the stopper.

In the mean time,, take the disk of your choice,, soak in warm water with a little oil.
Place the disk on the machine.

Turn the machine back on. In about 1 minute the pasta will begin to extrude. Let the first 6" of the pasta come out and cut off by running a knife or the plastic cutter across the face of the disc and return the pieces of pasta back into the pasta machine through the opening in the lid.  If the pasta is to wet or dry. Add more flour or water and knead for an additional 3 minutes.

Cut the pasta to the desired length of your choice. I place a small plastic container under the disc to catch the pasta when you are cutting it.

Take 2 cookie sheets and line with Kitchen Towels lightly sprinkled with Corn Flour. Place the pasta onto the Cloth. If you find the pasta a little bit sticky when its coming out you can sprinkle some flour into the plastic container you cut it into.

Either cook your pasta immediately or you can dry it a little bit on the cloth prior to boiling it. Because there are eggs in this recipe.. if you make the pasta earlier in the day,,  it in the Refrigerator (Up to 24 hours ahead or you can freeze it for 1 month) until ready to cook.

Pasta is best cook when very fresh.

Using a large pot,, add water and bring to a boil. It is better to have too much water than not enough. This allows the pasta to move around and prevents sticking. Add the Pasta slowly to the boiling water so the water continues to boil.

Depending on which disk you use will determine how long it takes to cook your pasta.
Also Fresh Pasta cooks faster than dry.

My Pasta took about 4-5 minutes to cook. I checked it after 3 minutes. Cook until Al Dente,,which is tender but firm. Do not over cook the pasta.

Drain the Pasta but do not rinse the pasta with water and do not add oil to the cooking water, because this keeps the sauce from sticking to the Pasta.

I served my Pasta with a Simple Shrimp and Scallop Scampi,., using lots of Garlic, Butter, Parsley and Wine.

I took some of the Scampi Sauce and mixed it with the Pasta, then served the Shrimp and Scallop Scampi on top with Parmesan and Romano Cheese.

We were very pleased with this Pasta. It was easy to make and I'm happy I can use my Pasta Machine again.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.


Bob's Red Mill Flours:

Betty Crockers Pasta Fresca Automatic Pasta Machine ~ Model BC-1393

Canon PowerShot SX230 HS

Corel ~ Videostudio ProX4 Professional Video Editing Software
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  1. I have a slightly different (Italian) model of what appears to be the same machine - however mine did not ship with a cup for dry ingredients, only wet, my recipes have the flour then by weight.

    Could you add the weights of your dry and the egg/oil/water mix? I am very keen to try this as I have just been told by my doc I have to stop eating gluten and I love pasta!

    1. Hi, I dont have the weight of the flour,, it measures out to a total of 4 cups. The Liquid with the Eggs and oil is a total of 1 cups.

  2. That is wonderful Brenda, thank you!! I will give it a whirl in my machine. It looks identical to yours but came directly from Italy and is branded as a Pastamatic!

    1. Thanks for checking out my recipe. I hope you enjoy this Pasta! Have fun making it, Brenda

  3. How much oil and how much water make up the liquid mixture?

    1. 2 Eggs, 1 TBL Olive Oil and enough water to reach 1 cup total

  4. Thank you I'm going to try and make it today!! Wish me luck!!

    1. Good Luck,., please let me know how you made out! :)