Monday, January 28, 2013

Gluten Free Fried Rice

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Fried Rice:
Fried Rice ~ Gluten-free

Use left over Cold Rice. I used Jasmine Rice

Chop up:

Use a Non-Stick Skillet
Cook the Vegetables in Vegetable Oil until Tender

4 TBL Butter and melt

Slowly start to add some of the Cold Rice into the Vegetables and Butter breaking up any big clumps.
Add more Rice until all the Rice has been added and mixed with the Vegetables and Butter.
Put the heat on medium high.
Keep stirring,  if it starts to stick to the Pan you can add a little bit of Oil.
Sprinkle on some Ginger to taste and mix in.
Cook until the Rice look a bit dry and starts to slightly brown a little bit.
Add just enough Gluten Free Soy Sauce to coat the Rice.
This will help give the Rice more Color and Flavor
Continue to Stir Fry to help dry up the Soy Sauce
Make a well in the center
Add a little bit of Oil
Beat 2-3 Eggs in a bowl and add to the well.
Cook and scramble the egg until done.
Mix the Eggs in with the Rice.

If the mixture seems to moist continue to Stir Fry for a few more minutes.
Check the Taste to see if you need to add more Soy Sauce or Ginger.
If you need to add more continue to Stir fry for a few extra Minutes.


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