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Gluten Free Tortilla ~ Yay I got a Tortilla Press

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Gluten Free Tortilla ~ Yay I got a Tortilla Press

Last week Hubby ordered a Tortilla Press for me! It is an 8" Cast Iron Tortilla Press. I couldn't wait to try it out! It's a great Kitchen Gadget. I was able to Press out the Tortilla very quickly compared to hand rolling them.
I had bought a Tortilla Warmer a few months ago. They are great for keeping your Tortilla warm and soft.

Gluten Free Corn Tortilla:

I used Maseca Instant Corn Flour Masa. It is Gluten Free.
www.mimaseca.com or

I made 13 Tortillas
Following the instruction's on the bag

In a bowl mix:
3 Cups Maseca Instant Corn Flour Masa
pinch of Salt
Add: 2-2-1/2 Cups of water

Use more or less Flour/Water for the amount of Tortilla you will need.

Mix and knead by hand. If dough is dry add 1TBL of warm water at a time to form a ball. It will be the consistency of Play-Doh.

Divide into 13 Balls using an ice cream scoop. Keep covered with a Moist Towel.

I'm using my Tortilla Press for the first time today.

Take a Zip-lock bag and cut off the Zipper and cut down both sides.
Place the Zip-lock bag inside the Tortilla Press. Open up the bag and place one of the dough balls between the Plastic bag.

Put the Tortilla cover down and Press.

Keep remaining dough covered while your pressing out the dough.

If you press out all the Tortilla before cooking them,, keep them covered with a damp  towel.

Heat either a Griddle or Pan to medium heat.
Place a Tortilla on the pan and cook until lightly blistered and starts to puff. About 1 minute per side.

After it has been cooked place in a Tortilla Warmer or between Towels to keep warm and soft.

I also place a towel in the Tortilla Warmer to absorb moisture.

These tasted so much better than pre-made  bought Tortillas. They are so easy to make. They were so fresh and held together beautifully with the Taco filling.

You can make these ahead of time and store in a Zip-Lock bag in the Refrigerator up to a week ahead of time. Either reheat in a Skillet about 15 seconds preside or in the Microwave between damp papewr towels until heated through.


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